Welcome International Students !

Complete your Application here, after which you DO NOT need to contact/apply separately to any college. Let us handle your dmission process till a college has been allocated to you, while you sit aback awaiting your final admission letter.

Here’s your single window Admission Process Guide      

Step 1 : Register either as a foreign national is you do not have an Indian passport, as a PIO/OCI if you have a foreign passport and a PIO/OCI card, or as an NRI (either from Gulf, South East Asia or any other region in the world)

Step 2 : complete your profile
[If you have any queries regarding transcripts, you can refer to the documents required section under important information or go to query section and ask a question to us]

Step 3 : Explore colleges that offer your desired course / Apply to your preferred college.

Step 4 : Click on Add to wish list, without which you will not be able to see the course in wish list.

Step 5: Select minimum 5 (maximum 10) colleges, subject to availability,from the given list only(that offer your desired course) in the order of your preference.

[ If You have queries ibn this process then you can send us an email at sppu@admissiondesk.org, from your registered email ID, with the name of colleges and the course]

Step 1 : Log in and go to MY APPLICATIONS.

Step 2 : Download the provisional admission letter / eligibility letter

Step 3 : Upload your Student Visa (Unless  you're a student of Nepal/Bhutan , holding Indian Passport)

Step 4 : Download your Application Letter

Step 5 : Once You recieved application letter wait for college allocation.

Step 6 : Once college has been allocated, make online payment of college fee(Second payment) 1st Challan of $907 for entrance fee , 2nd challan of $75 for medical insurance, 3rd challan of $80 for medical checkup are offline payment for who are not Pune University students and 1st Challan of $363 for entrance fee and 2nd challan of $80 for medical checkup are offline payment for who are Pune University students. Click on Proceed for payment. After successful payment, upload the challan/receipt.

Step 7 : After payment have to wait for payment verification Firm Letter and You will be able to download a Firm letter(which you have to present to the college Registrar)

Step 8 : Once verified your payment. You are eligibile to recieve Firm letter

Step 9 : After getting an firm letter, Upload your Medical Certificate, RP copy. (where RP = Residential Permit)